My Secrets

Keep an eye on this section if you are interested in the making of visual arts. Painting with wool, silk and other materials.

Mastering the techniques gives more satisfaction.

For those who ‘d like to improve techniques:

“The International Artist” is the magazine for artists from around the world. The magazine comes in two versions, by post and digital.

Lots of inspirational articles. A two monthly competition you can have a go with. Videofilms, workshops, tips and tricks. This magazine has improved a lot recently.

Nowadays you don’t have to travel to get the information that is needed and welcome because zoom meetings are often held.


If you are interested in how to create a remarkable background, watch videos of Gerda Lipski. This lady has placed a huge amount of  videofilms on you-tube.

She is an artist who plays with the mediums she uses and when you watch her videos you learn a lot.


Are you eager to have a go with watercolour? You don’t know were to start?

Watch as many Youtube-demo-videos as you can. This will help you to decide wether the medium is something for you or not.

Later you can find a teacher or subscribe to a painting-workshop. Did you know; there are quite a few good painting-lessons you can subscribe to on internet. It is very profitable to develop a passion, since your passion will help you through difficult times in life.





Working with felt gives me great satisfaction. No assignments but do what your heart gives you to do. It is wonderful to have the time and the environment to play with the beautiful colours and types of wool. To be able to combine it with other contemporary materials.

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