My secrets

Keep an eye on this section if you are interested in the making of visual arts.


For those who ‘d like to improve techniques:

“The International Artist” is the magazine for artists by artists from around the world. The magazine comes in two versions, by post and digital

Lots of inspirational articles. A two monthly competition you can have a go with. Videofilms, workshops, tips and tricks.


If you are interested in how to create a remarkable background, watch this video

Are you eager to have a go with watercolour? You don’t know were to start?

Watch as many Youtube-demo-videos as you can. This will help you to decide wether the medium is something for you or not.

Later you can find a teacher or subscribe to a painting-workshop. Did you know; there are quite a few good painting-lessons you can subscribe to on internet. It is very profitable to develop a passion for something, whatever it is, since your passion will help you through difficult times in life.

Warning; Those videos may not be very useful for professional painters.




These days I am very much into water-colour  still preferring  the realistic view.

I start out with an idea in mind, but it seldom holds for the entire proces. At one point or another I deliberately step out of the way to see if an evolving piece is suggesting something different. My last flower-painting has been finished with Ink-Tense pencils.

Ink-Tense is water solvable but keeps the colour stronger than ordinary water-colour. It combines the brilliant intensity of ink with the versatility of line and wash.


Andrey Tischler is a driven fine art painter who you can ask questions like; will I have to start a decent art education before I start painting? His lecture is worth listening. If you have questions, subscribe to his canal and you will get an answer.