About felting arts and Wall decoration

“Insider Design” has placed a video about felted stones which mimic real rocks. Martina Schuhmann produces beautiful rugs and pillows Look at yourself.

Pebbles can be used for several purposes. In a big variety and lots of shapes you may be able to fabricate dolls, jewels, cover vases and pots to make your home cosy, you can frame photos, You even can realize your own individual Christmas-balls in the tree, just to mention some.



At a visit to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam I was again impressed by the beautiful woven wall-rug at the entrance.

Just one big unique design, of 200 square meters which is ment to make the connection between the old and new part of the museum.

By Petra Blaisse

The prediction of Trendwatchers.

Wool and home-felted clothing will be very popular. Also wall-hangings  are given a prominent place in living rooms. It is good to keep the balance  between hard and soft interior materials.

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Small and large gifts are for sale in ‘Het Pand’. Open studio every Monday from 3 to 5 pm.

Welcome for coffee or thee.

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